Super Exposure with a Compendium

Move It On

As you are moving through your marketing day you are evaluating and making decisions on a constant basis.  This constant evaluation is necessary for keeping your company moving in the right direction to accomplish the achievement of more clients.  Your decisions about how you do that are crucial to success, and one of the easiest ways to move forward is to keep promotional products as your primary marketing focus.  We know these products are the most effective way to expand your brand.

Positively Growing

There is no wrong move for you when you use promotional products to spread the name of your company.  They are proven over time by every industry to be super-efficient and effective promotional tools.  You have access to many advertising choices but these give you the most for your money.  Your clients love to get free giveaways and when your business name and logo is imprinted on them you will get the win.

Choose Your Ideal

BrandMe - EssexLeather3RingCompendiums

The best way to approach this is to look at a lot of the promotional items and try to narrow it down to those which might appeal most to your clients and target audience.  We do this every day for our clients and would be happy to help you accomplish that along with finding the best ways to customize them.  One particular winner for every company is the promotional Compendium, it’s a traditional item used successfully for many years.

Solid Performance

These Compendiums have long been part of the conference and tradeshow line up, putting your name out and about for everyone to view.

  • All are super durable to last for a long time
  • Imprint area is huge
  • Numerous styles and sizes
  • Customize the pens and pads included for additional exposure

Whenever the Compendium is available to take a note at the golf game or laid on a table during a business lunch everyone will be exposed to your brand again and again.

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