Top Logo Changes for Brands in 2014

Each year different brands decide to change their logo for various reasons. Some just want an updated look and some companies decide to rebrand and get a new logo to go along with the rebranding. In 2014, these companies redesigned their logo, some are subtle, quiet changes, and others were bold changes that went along with a host of PR and rebranding advertisements.

Pizza Hut - Logo Change

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, is a U.S. based pizza chain that has restaurants and also competes with some of the largest delivery-only chains in the big pizza market. In late 2014, Pizza Hut introduced a host of new pizza flavors in an attempt to differentiate themselves from other delivery chains. With new flavors including salted pretzel crust, Thai curry, and fiery red pepper, they also adopted a new pizza-centric logo dropping the black font and using a red pizza shaped circular logo instead.

Air BNB Logo Change

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb changed its logo from a blue bubble font to a light red clear font with a symbol in July. The symbol of the logo was met with some criticism but it really didn’t bother the company, explained founder Ben Wright. They named the symbol “Belo” and say that it represents “the universal symbol of belonging”.

Hershey Logo Change

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