Sochi Olympics: Who Will Win Marketing Gold?

Samsung - Sochi 2014 - The Moment


Now that the Super Bowl commercial frenzy is over, it’s time to ramp up the campaigns for the Olympics. While the Super Bowl gets worldwide recognition, it is not the same level of international sports entertainment on par with the Olympic Games. Just like the Super Bowl, brands are also competing for your attention while watching the games.

To prepare for the Olympic commercials, let’s take a look at the Evolution of Olympic Marketing.

This year, we have already seen the return of Proctor & Gamble’s Mom Commercial, which is a brilliant thank you message to moms of athletes and everyone. It seems to be the front runner in the past for the best commercials for the Olympics. Hubspot took a look at the best commercials from the 2013 Olympics in London.  Their list of winners included P&G, Mini Cooper, McDonald’s, Nike, Coca Cola, Cadillac, and Samsung.

Coincidentally, we have a look at Samsung Australia’s 2014 Olympic campaign  where they are integrating a social call to action asking fans to “Design Your Moment”.  They are using two athlete ambassadors combined with music and art to create their own custom screen saver.

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