A Bic Round Stick Pen Will Always Be Around

What’s the Best?

We know you are always working hard to get the most out of your marketing budget and you can do it best with promotional merchandise.  It’s essential to remember if they are not popular and useful they will be put in a drawer or thrown away. This means if you don’t make a good choice that helps grow your brand recognition then you are wasting your marketing money. We can help you wander through the multitudes of products to make a good decision for your business.

Everyone Wants Something

A promotional product is basically a gift, welcomed by anyone, but as stated before, it needs to be a free something that people will actually put to use.  Pens are always a category sure to please, so it is always high on our list, and particularly great are the promotional Bic Round Stic Pens. Giving out promotional pens is the cornerstone of every good marketing plan, but you have to know it’s a pen people will use and these are the standard in the market.  They are everywhere but there can never be too many pens close at hand!

BrandMe - Bic Round Stic Pen

It’s Your Move

Having this basic in your inventory means you always have a winner to hand out to all those current and potential clients.

  • A necessary item for life
  • Great, long lasting and easy writer
  • Pick any color in the rainbow
  • Of course they are great for tradeshows

Go Ahead

The Bic Round Stic Pen is guaranteed to write every time and has a two year shelf life, perfect for keeping in storage all the time. The additional plus about giving out pens is that they are given away, picked up and accidentally stolen, meaning there are additional people who are seeing your company name.  This means even more expansive brand recognition, creating more growth for your business.

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