Funny Signs that Can Attract Attention for Your Business

If humour is done right, signs can attract customers and attention to your business. Of course, it can also go very wrong, so before trying humorous signs you might want to test them out on a small sample test market. Here are some examples of businesses that got their funny signs right.

This sign from Taco Bell can show potential employees that their boss and the restaurant have a sense of humour.

Duelling signs is risky, but it can bring attention to both businesses.

This is one way to attack the competition.

This sign is on a church. Signs with humour can be a great way to gain new parishioners.

Another idea from a church to entice attendance with humour (and a little bit of comfort too).

Simple signs like this will help people remember your business when they do need a brake check.

Puns and jokes on the marquee can always attract attention to your business.

Another added benefit of funny signs is that people who see them will take pictures and share them on social media, which in turn becomes free advertising for your business.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own way.

Another attention-getting sign to help your business be remembered and easily recalled.
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