CES Trade Show is a Platform for Business Growth

Earlier this month the annual CES Trade Show took place in Las Vegas in the United States. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and it is one of the largest annual conventions in the world. Since the main subject of the conference and trade show is electronics, you can imagine the amount of high tech devices and new technology that is introduced there each year. However, it is also become a catalyst for business growth, and especially the growth and success of start-ups.

A recent article from MarketingMag.com.au highlighted how many different brands that are not even in technology or electronics related industries are attending the show in search of the next big thing and in an effort to maintain in touch with Gen Y consumers. The article explains, “Unilever, Nestlé and Kimberly-Clark are all there in Las Vegas this week, sniffing out developments by start-ups and established tech companies that can help them connect with Gen Y, primarily. It’s using start-ups as external innovation teams.”

It is insightful and smart for these brands to seek out new innovations; and the key is that they are looking to new start-ups to see what the hot trends and technological advances on the horizon are. The different pitches being presented by new start-up companies’ innovations included interactive packaging and products with applications that connect them to your smartphone or mobile device, such as a coffee makers and coffee mugs. Large companies can benefit from these new innovations and the start-ups can, of course, benefit from the large corporations investments.

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