Top Brandme Promotional Products for Trade Shows

After all of the planning, time and effort your company spends in the planning and set up stages for a Trade Show, it is important to execute the right advertising plan that you execute during the actual exhibition or show.  An important part of that advertising plan is choosing the right promotional merchandise to display and give away during the trade show. Part of the idea of creating buzz and drawing buyers and attendees to your booth can be achieved through promotional products that are coveted by the attendees. When you provide the right promotional gift, the one that makes it home in the suitcase after the show, it is an excellent advertising tool because recipients of promotional gifts as a rule keep them for a long period of time, have greater brand recognition, and also have a increased chance of doing business with your company.

Here are some of our most popular trade show give away items:

  • Conference Folders: Conference folders come in a variety of sizes and colours.  Some include notepads or a space for notepads, some are hand held and others are bags that can be carried or worn over the shoulder. A few deluxe model conference folders also include tablet or iPad cases. Conference folders and bags come in handy for trade show attendees so that when you give them away as promotional items the attendees will get a lot of use out of them, carrying around your name and logo for all other trade show attendees to see. In some cases, you might even send these out ahead of time prior to the conference as an extra added convenience for some of your best customers.
  • Compendiums: Compendiums are similar to conference folders, but they are a different category on our site. They are usually leather or similar material and can hold notepads, business cards, pens, and other important papers.
  • Lanyards: Lanyards are the straps that go around conference attendees’ necks and display your name and logo on them. These are a staple at most trade shows and conferences because they hold the name badges and are usually preferred over pinning a name tag on clothing or using a sticker.
  • Conference Bags: Come in a variety of shapes and sizes and styles range from very professional to more casual styles.
  • Notepads: These are a great giveaway at conferences and exhibitions because almost everyone needs to take notes. This way, their notes can be branded with your company name and logo.

Above are just some ideas for trade show giveaways and promotional products to give out that increase your branding and get your name remembered above the competition. There are also a variety of promotional gifts that you can choose from and also some fun giveaways.

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