Manicures for the Well Groomed

It’s a Jungle

While you go through your marketing day you see all your good customers and wonder what you can do to show your appreciation. There are many businesses who choose to give out free merchandise to these wonderful customers to show their appreciation and to encourage them to continue using their services or buying their products.  We can help you to make the best decisions for your client base and choose the most popular and useful items in our inventory.


BrandMe - NailFileThe wide selection we have has something for everyone but there are some we prefer over the others.  Pairing the right client with the right item is important and we have lots of expertise throughout many years and a high number of satisfied clients.  Every client has a particular customer base which needs special attention, just let us know the details of your clients and we can start the process.

Look Neat

But in the meantime there are some promotional items that go over very well with numerous clients and we know they are going to be successful for many.  So we usually make some recommendations to make sure your business stays on track.  A very successful product line we have which we think is useful all around are the promotional Manicure Sets. These are very well received by most clients in most industries.

  • Several styles to suit your clients
  • Some have multiple pieces
  • Everyone likes to appear well groomed!
  • Plenty of room for company name and logo

It’s a Good Thing

Your customers will be quite impressed with this gift to them; they will appreciate your caring attitude for their health and appearance. And of course we are happy to help you make it your own by getting your name and logo on the manicure set so that whenever someone uses it they will also see your business information.

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