How to Be Seen: Outdoor Visibility Tricks for Businesses

There are many different types of displays, signs, and techniques to attract people to your business. What really works? The answer is: it depends on your business. That means you should try a number of different things to see which works best for your business in your neighborhood and your community with your specific customers. Just because it works for one business, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for yours, but you won’t know until you try it.

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The idea behind many of the different signs and flags are that motion attracts attention. What about the difference between a sign and hiring a sign spinner to stand out on the corner and get paid by the hour? A manager of a Dick’s Sporting Goods retail store  takes it upon himself to stand on the corner with a sign, dance around, and attract customers to his store. He claims the difference is that foot traffic doubles on the day he stands outside with a sign.

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Of course, we have all seen a lazy sign holder, so the person you hire to do the job obviously has to be monitored and has to do the job well.

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In many cases, a sign can do the talking for you. Investing a chalkboard type of sign like the one above can be a great sales tool. Change up different ideas with this to see what works. Try to be witty, if it goes along with your business, test out different sales or offers, and ask customers that already come in what would appeal to them. Never forget to utilize your most important asset, the voice of your existing customers can tell you volumes of information.

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