Causes Effect Purchasing with Aussie Consumers

Studies show that companies who adopt a cause to promote or give proceeds to a charity connect with consumers. In fact, consumers will change their buying behaviour and switch to companies that support causes they are aligned with. In fact, 46% of respondents would buy a new brand  if it supported a cause that they cared about.

It is important to note that Australians are a charitable lot with a history of supporting social causes 61% of survey respondents acknowledged they made a donation to a cause or purchased goods or services affiliated with a social good campaign over the last 12 months.

The three most recognised brands for effectiveness in customer retention using cause marketing campaigns were

  • Nivea 31.56%
  • Commonwealth Bank 25.69%
  • Virgin Australia 25.14%

According to Effective Measure’s August data, some of the most recognised charity websites were:

  • Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • Greenpeace


When making purchase decisions the factors that affect Austrailian consumers most are:

  1. Price (42% claiming somewhat important)
  2. A brand that is socially or environmentally conscious (41% considering somewhat important)
  3. Supports social causes (33% find this somewhat important)


In terms of new brand awareness, 46% of respondents would buy a new brand if it supported a cause that they cared about.


These stats should tell companies that adopting a cause is an important part of their marketing in addition to aiding with branding and company culture. Getting consumers to see that a company cares goes a long way towards gaining favour.


In the promotional products industry, it means that branded products that represent your company cause can help get that messaging across. In addition, recycled, renewable, and reusable promotional products  that support conservation and the ecology should always be considered.


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