Umbrellas with a Light, Who Knew?

Moving Through

Helping your business move through all the available marketing choices is your job as the marketing point person or a business owner.  When you are in business you have to have a marketing plan to be competitive with others in your industry and there are several good ways to promote your business.  However, using promotional products is the most effective technique to expanding your name recognition.

Try Something New

BrandMe - Umbrella with LED LightFinding the promotional products that are going to be the most useful and fun to have is crucial for success in this category of marketing.  But there are many which satisfy this criteria and one of those is the promotional Collapsible Umbrella with LED Light.  This is a very special dual function product everyone will be thrilled to receive and this is what makes a successful promotional product.

Try It

Promotional umbrellas are a universally useful and nice to have item, but this one ranks higher on the fun umbrella scale!

  • Large area available for business name and logo or some graphics
  • Compact size to fit in your bag
  • Light is bright and can be used without opening the umbrella

Umbrellas are useful in all types of weather, of course they will keep you dry on an inclement weather day but they also can protect you from the sun when it gets too intense.  Everybody wants to protect their skin so this product provides perfect shelter.

Most Excellent for Everyone

By giving away these promotional umbrellas within your marketing program we promise your name recognition will increase. Having a dual function product like this umbrella with an LED light will please any client, and they will carry it along during their daily activities.  These are exceptional items for your company to invest in, providing more and more name recognition for you everyday.

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