Social Media Benefits for Business featuring BrandMe’s Social Channels

Social media has become an essential part of businesses today. It is not just “a good idea” to have social channels, it is necessary to be able to connect with your customers in social media. Nowadays customers look for a company’s social media channels to verify that they are a legitimate business but also to know that they will have a way to get in touch with the company easily.

If you are just getting started in social media, make a plan and pick the channels you want to showcase your brand and bring your company’s personality to life. It is not necessary to have a presence in all social channels, only the ones that you can keep up with. The worst thing is to have a social channel that is not updated frequently.

Wondering what to post in social media? Here are 6 great ideas for your business:

  • Give a shout out, thank you, or #FollowFriday Tweet to recent customers on Twitter
  • Retweet industry news.
  • Share photos of your newest promotional products on Facebook
  • Share funny photos or memes that relate to your products or business on Facebook
  • What images does your target market like on Pinterest? Have a “customer favorites” board and invite customers to post to it.
  • Fill in all of the information about your company on your Google Plus profile because that also helps people find you when they are searching in Google.

We are just getting started with our social channels and we would love to connect with you on social media:

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