Aussies Migrate to Net Sites, Social Media

Recent studies show Australians embracing the Internet, as well as popular international sites and Australian news and entertainment services. The results have been collected in a handy infographic here.

Aussie Social Media Stats

Here are the highlights:

  • 80 percent of Australia’s 21.2 million population are on the Internet, and the number is expected to go higher as rural areas begin to get wired.
  • The top five Websites are Facebook, YouTube, (Microsoft portal), Yahoo, and MSN, another Microsoft portal. The development is similar to early development in the U.S., so expect surfers to hang in portals till they know their way around.
  • The top five Australian mainstream media sites are ABC, the Sydney Morning Herald,, ninemsn, and the Herald Sun. Expect that to continue as it’s difficult for newcomers to draw the kind of audiences mainstream sources can, at least in the short-term. Case in point: Rupert Murdoch’s “Daily” for iPad, which had the might of the Murdoch empire behind it.

More than half of Australia’s Internet users are on Facebook, or You Tube so that’s where the market is right now. Blogspot reaches about 13 percent of the audience and Twitter is followed by 11 percent.

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