Poorly Made Promotional Products can Hurt Your Brand

There’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for”. This is definitely the case with promotional products because you are having something made to represent your brand and your business. When something has your name and logo on it, it is important that it is great quality in addition to being useful to your customer. A poorly made promotional product will certainly have a negative impact on your business and erase any good will that was originally garnered when giving away a free branded gift. Here are the 3 main problems that can arise when you try to get away with paying a lower price (than the already low prices we offer for our quality goods) or buying cheaper quality products:

  1. Buying cheap promotional products can make you look cheap. Even if there is nothing in particularly wrong with the product, if it is cheap or made or low quality materials, it reflects negatively on your company.
  2. One of the main benefits of promotional products is that they are kept for long periods of time. Recipients often report keeping branded gifts for a year or more and even up to 3 and 4 years’ time. If your promotional products are not made well, they will not last for the length of time that your customer would otherwise plan on keeping it.
  3. Your customers don’t always expect to receive something free from you. However, when you are giving a promotional gift to them, it can be disappointing if what you do give them doesn’t last.



So, the morale of the story is that if you are going to give something away, make sure that it represents your company well and lasts long enough so that your customers feel the intended benefit of giving the gift to them in the first place.

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