Facebook’s Most Popular Topics: 2014 Year in Review

Since Facebook is the most popular social network in Australia and the entire world, it look to them this time of year to highlight what the most popular and most shared topics were. Here is a look at Facebook’s 2014 year in review.

Facebook’s Year in Review Video

Check out a great video that captures the entire year in less than 2 minutes. It shows glimpses of all the popular topics you have likely shared yourself on your own Facebook profile including the World Cup, the Olympics, passing of starts that made us sad and singing ‘Happy’ and ‘Let it Go’ to make us feel better. Raising money for ALS went viral and we all admired the doctors fighting to cure Ebola. An overwhelming theme is the one world aspect with world leaders fighting injustice and pleading for peace.

Top Trending Topics for Australia in 2014

  1. Robin Williams
  2. Tony Abbot
  3. Malaysia Airlines
  4. Ice Bucket Challenge
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. Ebola Virus Outbreak
  7. Conflict in Gaza
  8. South Sydney Rabbitohs
  9. World Cup
  10. Melbourne Cup

Australia’s trends are very similar to the global trending topics on Facebook which were:

  1. World Cup,
  2. Ebola virus outbreak,
  3. elections in Brazil,
  4. Robin Williams,
  5. Ice Bucket Challenge,
  6. conflict in Gaza,
  7. Malaysia Airlines,
  8. Super Bowl,
  9. Michael Brown/Ferguson, and
  10. Sochi Winter Olympics.


Six out of the ten global top 10 topics were also in Australia’s top 10 Facebook topic trends.



Facebook’s Top Trending Places in Australia for 2014

This is the list of the most checked into places in Australia registered by Facebook in 2014.

  1. Darling Harbour, Sydney
  2. Sydney Opera House
  3. Melbourne Cricket Ground
  4. Sydney Harbour
  5. Taronga Zoo
  6. Warner Bros. Movie World
  7. Sea World – Gold Coast, Australia
  8. South Bank, Brisbane
  9. Dreamworld Australia
  10. Surfers Paradise


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