Trade Show Display Ideas from Pinterest

When it is time for you to refresh the look of your trade show booth, Pinterest is one of the best places to go for tons of unique ideas. Even though you are getting the ideas from someone else, they are still unique because most of them are very unique and DIY so that you can customise the look to fit your brand and your booth’s theme. Here are 6 great trade show display examples:

Slinky Business Card Holder

Take a Card Slinky

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This not only makes your cards stand out, but people will just want to take your card when they see the cute display. What’s even better about this unique card display method is that it makes it easy for your booth visitors to grab a card without it getting stuck to all the other cards like they always do in a regular boring old card holder that everyone uses.

Tea Cup Card Holder

Take a Card - Tea Cup

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Another unique way to offer your business cards is this vintage style tea cup. You can choose your own tea cup, funny coffee mug, branded drinking cup, etc. to display your business cards in at your trade show booth. What you will find is that the vessel you choose is much more interesting than the ordinary card holder and gets your cards some much needed attention.

DIY Customised Vintage Price Tags

Customised Price Tags

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Add some flair to your booth design and instead of ordinary price tags, make some vintage looking ones. If vintage isn’t your style, that’s OK. Customise your price tags to fit your brand or your booth. Make it look unique and interesting.

DIY Tiered Display

DIY Tiered Display

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This three tiered display is made up of candelabras, round wood slabs, and some paint. Click the link to see the detailed instructions on how to make it. Tiered displays are a great use of space that still allow you to show off your products.

Unique Trade Show Booth Backdrop

Unique DIY Backdrop

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This unique backdrop idea can add tons of character to your trade show booth and your display. If this vintage look isn’t your style, then we hope it inspires you to create a similar easy DIY backdrop that does align with your style and your brand. It is easy to make and very inexpensive when you repurpose old doors.

DIY Backdrop Trade Show Display

DIY Backdrop Plan

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A sure-fire way to ensure that your booth doesn’t have the cookie cutter look of everyone else’s is to create your own backdrop. The link above shows you step by step details on how to create a backdrop. Just like it promises, it is an easy and cheap way to stand out at your next trade sho

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