State of Internet Marketing for 2014

How do your marketing efforts for 2014 stack up against others? A recent survey of over 500 marketers revealed top digital goals, top challenges, what is working and what isn’t. compiled the survey results data into an infographic which shows the objectives and challenges for both B2C and B2B companies.

Top Internet Marketing Objectives for B2B Companies:

  • 41% Generate Leads
  • 27% Drive Sales
  • 17% Improve Awareness

Top Internet Marketing Objectives for B2C Companies:

  • 40% Drive Sales
  • 27% Improve Awareness
  • 18% Generate Leads

Top Internet Marketing Challenges for B2B Companies:

  • 21% Generating Enough Leads
  • 19% Producing enough Quality Content
  • 18% Converting Leads to Customers

Top Internet Marketing Challenges for B2C Companies:

  • 25% Measuring ROI
  • 22% Converting Leads to Customers
  • 14% Integrative Content Across Channels

Other important statistics from the findings show that mobile and social media marketing are on the rise. 75% of internet marketers plan to spend more on mobile. One in five B2B marketers report generating revenue from social media with B2C companies finding more success, with one in three generating revenue from social media marketing efforts.

One of the most stands out trends from the study shows that online marketing spend still pales in comparison to offline marketing efforts 3 to 1. Another interesting fact from the research shows that online marketers are still having issues measuring return on investment in all areas: SEO, SEM, Display, Social, and Email.

Do these statistics line up with your internet marketing experience for 2014 so far? What goals do you hope to meet this year and what challenges have you experienced thus far? Please share you internet marketing ideas with us and let us know how our branded promotional products can help you meet those goals and overcome your challenges.


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