New Coke Campaign Causing Controversy

Last year, we told you about a popular Coca Cola ad campaign. The successful campaign used personalisation to influence branding and sales. This year Coca Cola is meeting controversy with a billboard advertising campaign called “You’re On”. As you might imagine it is causing a stir when the Diet Coke logo is placed after the campaign slogan and reads “You’re On Coke”.


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Coca Cola’s intention with the “You’re On” campaign is to highlight and salute people that are at the top of their game and honour their achievements. Diet Coke wanted to support young achievers in their best efforts. Instead, they are being called out on Twitter for insinuating that Coca Cola drinkers are using an illegal drug. No doubt Coca Cola knew that they were tempting fate with their double entendre. They ended up having to respond to the outrage and controversy stirred up on Twitter. They released a statement, according to  they released a statement regarding the ad campaign, “Every single day, young people around the world experience ‘You’re On’ moments big and small. It could be a job interview or a national TV interview, a first date or a final exam, a presentation to your boss or a performance in front of thousands. “The Diet Coke logo is the centrepiece of the ad campaign. Diet Coke in no way endorses or supports the use of any illegal substance.”


Do you think that Coca Cola should pull their campaign or is it harmless enough and good intentioned enough to leave it runnin?

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