Connecting Digitally with Aussie Moms

Aussie mums wield a great deal of buying power. $132 billion in buying power spent annually. Just like most Australians, mums are reliant on technology and mobile device usage is increasing among this segment. In fact, according to a recent study  conducted by Reborn and Lion, mums are one of the most connected and digitally savvy audiences in the world. Is your brand taking this into consideration when targeting this important segment?

Consider these statistics from the study:

  • 65% of Australians now have a smartphone
  • 80% of Australian women 25-54 years old have a smartphone
  • 46% don’t own a tablet
  • Of Tablet owners: 42% own an iPad, 14% Android, 10% eReader

Aussie Mums


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Aussie Mums 2


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