5 Digital Trends You Can Capitalize on Right Now

The digital and interactive marketing space is constantly changing. A tactic or type of campaign that worked last year or even last month, may not be as effective now for a number of different reasons. Since trends are always changing, here 5 digital trends that you can use in a campaign right now:

  1. Contextual Social Networks: The increase in mobile usage and social media applications has resulted in a shift in the way we communicate. Your business can take advantage of those using mobile and social apps using highly targeting advertising techniques.
  2. Real Time Marketing: Capitalizing on trending topics and chiming in on them in social media is an excellent way to engage with potential customers or clients online. The key to making the most of this tricky medium is doing it correctly and tactfully. The answer is using the real time data to your advantage and letting the social public know how the pop culture topics or news events relate to your business.
  3. Retail Digitisation: Retail companies need to realise that they have to advertise online and in mobile in order to compete with national chains and other local businesses.
  4. Content is King: If you are advertising online (for both online and offline businesses) producing relevant and well written content is a necessity. Content helps the search engines rank you for the topics you provide expert information on and that also helps your target customers and current customers to learn about your business and what you offer to them.
  5. Mobile Optimisation: In addition to having a presence online, your digital content must be optimised for mobile devices. With more and more customers looking to tablets and smartphones for information about businesses that they are interested in doing business with, it is increasingly important for your content to be readable and easily accessible by any size screen.

Capitalizing on digital content is something that any and all businesses should be considering. Evaluate which of these tactics will work for your business and come up with a plan to make them work for you.  Just because your business doesn’t sell online doesn’t mean you should advertise online. Using these 5 trends, you can make online digital advertising and marketing work for you.

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