Show It Off On a Cap

More Flexibility

All though marketing is going on all year long there are some times of the year when you can change direction in order to acknowledge the seasons.  This flexibility will make you more appreciated by your customers, they will get to receive fun and different gifts through the year instead of the same old things. We have many different directions in which we can guide you to find the very best promotional products for your target audience.

Finding the Groove

BrandMe - One Fit Hat

We have so many categories of products to help expand your name recognition but one category really gets a great reaction, our promotional caps.  In particular our promotional One Fit Cap is highly desired and makes every recipient smile. We think these hats would be a wonderful addition to your regular promotional lineup, they are flexible for any season and provide a great look.  They are also great at a tradeshow if you want to find something a little different for the giveaway; these hats would be a good fit.

Cover That Head

These promotional caps are super desirable, everyone needs a hat that makes them look good.

  • Classic styling
  • Heavy brushed cotton with spandex
  • Ready to go when you are
  • Plenty of room for business name and logo

These are quite appropriate for all venues and have that classic good look which makes any head proud.  It has embroidered eyelets and a patented fitting system to make it a good fit for all.

Super Visible

A cap rides high which gives it a premium space that is highly visible to others.  You can’t find a better “billboard” on which to splash your message. Since people love caps so much these caps will be out walking the town, going to the park, skiing, sitting on the beach and so much more, all the while displaying all of your company logo and name, expanding your brand on a constant basis.

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