Australian Online Christmas Shopping Statistics

This online shopping study shows the online shopping habits of Australians. In December, surveyed almost 2,000 Australia shoppers about their shopping habits. The telling results are not dated, and should not be specific to only holiday shoppers. In fact, using these results for your business’ 2014 online marketing and e-commerce plans should give you quite the advantage.

For e-commerce businesses that are taking this survey into account for marketing tactics for all year long as well as for this holiday season at the end of the year, these statistics help out a great deal. Knowing that offering free shipping or a discount on the next order would get over half the shoppers to come back again is priceless.

Search engines still delivered the most shoppers to websites, more than 60% of respondents used search engines to find the gift they were looking for online. It is telling of how much importance should still be given to your website content and optimisation.

It is important to note that in the earlier question, social sites are not a big driver for finding online sites to purchase from; however, social does significantly impact and influence online shoppers during their decision making cycle.

Online shopping took place mostly from computers at home. In contrast to years ago, before businesses started blocking outside usage and monitoring employee’s computer activities, it used to be the opposite where much of the online shopping occurred during business hours from work computers. The other interesting statistic from this portion of the survey is that mobile and smartphone shopping outranked tablets by quite a bit. This should put emphasis on the need to make your website mobile accessible.

Convenience, price, and easy shopping are the main reasons that Aussies purchased their gifts online in 2013.

Still most telling is that shoppers turn to online sources to save money.

This is a statistic that should not be ignored. Online sellers should make special effort to market to the shopper and encourage deals on buying something for them.

A very large portion of online shoppers were very satisfied with their online shopping experience.

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