Google’s Zeitgeist: What Did Aussies Search Most in 2013?

Each year Google takes a look back at the year in search and compiles a very interesting set of lists, videos, and pictures by category. The results can be viewed by country, region, or globally and it is interesting to see what trends change, but especially which search trends remain the same across the world. You can explore the Google Zeitgeist  for yourself and see where the events and people important to you landed on the list. You can look at the different lists and change the country, or even the year at the top left of the page. For more details or stats, including demographics on any of the search topics, just click on them for more information. You can spend quite a long time exploring all of the information available.

BrandMe - Google Events - TrendingFor today’s blog post, we will focus on the trends for search and business in Australia.

Top Trending Searches for 2013

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Cory Monteith
  3. Royal Baby
  4. iPhone 5s
  5. North Korea
  6. RFS
  7. AEC
  8. The Block
  9. My Kitchen Rules
  10. House Rules


Once again, actors who passed away topped the list posthumously and Google searches for those gone too soon trended globally as well as here at home.  The top 5 on this list are all globally trending searches, but the last 5 are specific to Australia.


  • RFS are searches to do with the Royal Fire Service and the NSW bush fires that led to controversy, but most of the searches were likely due to the technology made available for residents to see if fires were near them and if they were in danger.
  • AEC searches were all related to the Australian Electoral Commission and the Federal Election in 2013.
  • The last 3 trending topics are 3 of Australia’s most popular television shows that were highly searched for during the year.


Top Trending News Items for 2013


  1. Boston Bombing
  2. North Korea News
  3. Royal Baby Name
  4. Typhoon Haiyan
  5. Costa Concordia
  6. US Government Shutdown
  7. Oklahoma Tornado
  8. Russian Meteor
  9. Angeline Jolie Mastectomy
  10. Texas Explosion


It might be a good indication that all trending news searches were for events that happened outside of Australia. I interpret that as meaning that since almost of those news topics are tragedies, that it is all good here in Australia with “no worries”.


For other trending topics such as athletes, celebrities, politicians, fashion, questions asked of Google and more. Check out the Zeitgeist.


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