Pinterest Tips for Your Business

If you think that Pinterest isn’t the social channel for your business, think again. Pinterest can work for a number of different businesses; it’s all about making your content visual. Even if your business isn’t visual, making your content visual is something that is easy to do. Here are some tips for using Pinterest to socially and visually connect with your customers or clients.

Profile Set Up

Your profile is important because it might determine whether or not your customers follow you, so making that first impression is important. Here are some tips for your Pinterest Profile for Businesses:

  • Make sure that your profile picture is visual. It does not have to be your logo if your logo does not meet visual standards.
  • The size for the logo should be 160 x 160. Make sure that it is the right size so that it comes out clearly.
  • Change your profile slightly to represent each holiday or season, if applicable.
  • Does your profile invoke the emotion you want people to think of when people think of your brand?
  • Here is an infograph from Tailwind  with  Perfect Pinterest Profile Checklist:


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