Spotlight Your Company and Your Booth with These Trade Show Exposure Ideas

Trade shows and exhibitions are a tough environment for exhibitors with the competition being so prominent in the rows and rows of booths. One of the best ways to stand out above the rest is to make your company an authority or create buzz about your brand and your products. Here are some ways to gain some extra exposure at your next trade show: host a luncheon or a breakfast, hold education seminars, or put on special events.

Breakfasts and Luncheons

BrandMe - Luncheon

Hosting a breakfast or a lunch event that you invite your current and potential customers too is a great way to gain favor with them. It also increases you brand exposure and gets your name out there and makes you more memorable.

Education Seminars

Many trade shows have extra meeting space where you can hold education seminars or host presentations that will elevate your standing in the industry. You can establish yourself as a thought leader or just educate potential customers about your product.

Special Events

Depending on what type of business you have and what type of events are allowed, if you work with what you are allowed to do, you can make your company stand out. If you sell any type of apparel, see if you can hold a fashion show. If you can have your special event during the trade show, think about throwing a party or having that fashion show after the first day of the trade show is over. Hosting evening events can really work in your favor and get you the extra exposure that can help put your business over the top.

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