Collecting Feedback from Employees & Incorporating Their Ideas into the Business

How do you collect feedback and ideas from your employees? Chances are it is an annual survey or a suggestion box. There are more creative ways to get feedback and input from your staff members so that you can really make them feel like you care about what they have to say and how they feel about the company and their jobs. Here are 6 ideas for creative and different ways to collect employee feedback:

  1. Employee Focus Groups: Most companies practice using focus groups to get information from their customers. Applying this technique to getting information from employees is a great way to get feedback as well as new ideas.
  2. Apply the trend for openness and transparency to employee feedback as well. Having things out in the open when the company culture is warm and caring makes for a better employee experience all around.
  3. Use points or a reward system to encourage feedback. Just like gamification works for encouraging customers to make purchases and engage with your company, the same can apply to employees.
  4. Encourage managers and all levels of employees to ask for and provide feedback.
  5. Provide the means for continuous employee feedback.
  6. Learn and strive to understand employee goals. Not only learning what employees’ goals are but understanding them is key in this exercise.

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