5 Tips for a Winning Trade Show Booth

Sometimes success at a trade show for the exhibitor just comes down to bringing it back to basics and making a checklist for success and a winning trade show booth:

  1. Ask yourself and your management team: “What is the purpose of the booth?” Is your main goal at this trade show, expo, or convention sales, leads, educating your target audience about your product?
  2. Once you have identified the purpose of the booth, make sure that the booth is set up functionally to achieve your goal. Do you have enough sales people, enough promotional materials, or enough products?
  3. Make sure that you are in contact with the trade show management so that they have all of your requirements met such as power outlets, space, rug or flooring, audio visual displays, set up crew, and security.
  4. Always double check that you are being consistent with your brand and corporate messaging. Is your branding being represented well? Are the colours, logo, and all the little details in line?
  5. Plan your promotions. Attract people to your booth in whatever way works best. It might be a contest, food, promotional items, or giveaways. Give your promotions a local flare by teaming up with other booths or local companies to offer deals and specials.

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