LinkedIn Adds Sponsored Posts to Member Feeds

LinkedIn recently rolled out sponsored posts that now appear inside member’s feeds along with updates from the people they follow on the professional social network. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach targeted individuals in a focused way since they are already engaged and reading updates. The sponsored posts appear in desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn. The reason they are highly targeted is because they are based on content, so they blend into the LinkedIn stream. Matt Tindale, director, marketing solutions in Australia and New Zealand for LinkedIn explains, “Our goal is to develop a definitive professional publishing platform and create opportunities for marketers to drive business results by sharing relevant content with our members.”

To give you a better idea of what they look like and show an example of how you can utilize this for your business, here is an example sponsored update:

BrandMe - LinkedIn Sponsored Post

Telstra was selected to trial LinkedIn Sponsored Updates ahead of the general availability.

Harry Lowes, general manager, digital marketing, Telstra, says the Telco was able to increase the rate at which it accrued followers on the platform: “We accelerated the rate at which we attract new followers on LinkedIn by about 12%. We are now approaching 50,000 followers, making us the third most-followed company in Australia on LinkedIn.”

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