How Taking Email More Seriously Can Propel Your Career

Email is an everyday task for most working adults. For most of those people that use email as a form of communication daily, it is also a chore and often a nuisance. Because of the “everyday status” many have gotten away from treating email as a formal form of communication. Today we will cover tips to ensure that your emails make an impression instead of just getting a point across.

Treat Your Email Like a Formal Communication:  We know it is easy to take email for granted. We tend to rush through with quick responses instead of taking email communications more seriously; when composing emails do not use abbreviations or Internet slang.  Think of it more along the lines of how you would write something if it were a letter. That will help you with a more formal line of thinking.

Proof Read Your Email Before Sending: Email is too often just a quick note. Make sure that your emails are succinct and make sense when proof read.

Cut Down on the Noise: Be respectful of the fact that everyone has too much email. Even if you are unsure about that, go on the assumption that everyone has an overloaded email inbox. Do not send multiple emails; get all of your points across in one email. Do your research ahead of time so that you are not asking the person questions that you can find out. Try and include information to answer the recipient’s next question or questions. This also cuts down on the back and forth noise that can occur and reduce the time spent on emails.

Include Action Items: Be clear as to the purpose of the email, summarize what you need in the reply or answer, and outline what you expect in return.

Don’t Forget the Pleasantries: Even though it might add unnecessary information to an email, everyone likes to see a greeting of some sort so that the email isn’t completely all business. Consider adding something similar to these quick lines:

  • “Hope you are well.”
  • “Happy Friday!”
  • “Hope you had a nice weekend.”
  • “Wishing you a productive week.”

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