10 Unique Business Card Designs

Make your business cards the centre of discussion. Even if these pretty unusual business card designs don’t apply to your business specifically, they might inspire you to create something new and exciting. Unique cards can help your company be remembered and help with branding. Some of our promotional products can even be used in place of business cards. Here are 10 ideas to help you think out of the box:

Business Cards that Contain Something you sell or that represents your brand: These are better than completely edible ones, which will be gone soon!



This blooming card is a great way to “stick out” above the rest. Perfect for florists or gardeners, but really can be tied into a number of different themes.




Making your business card into a toy like this penny shooter, appeals to the kid in all of us. It also is a great way to represent a toy store, hobby store, or carpenter.



Map out your business on the back of your business card.



Hair stylists or barbers can really stay on the top of their customer’s heads – literally! These comb business cards really help people remember who takes care of their hair.



Networking business cards are a great idea if you attend meetings and networking events often. We would suggest to put less generic questions on your cards that more closely relate to your business.




Who doesn’t love a little danger? These ninja business cards are memorable and fun too.



If you are involved in movies or television – even if they are personal movies, as in a professional photographer, this card will keep you in production!


This clever design will surely have clients remembering that you can help them with their computers.



What better way to make sure that your business card is kept than making it a tool? This bicycle company has a great idea making their business card a bike tool.

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