10 Tips for Making Your Trade Show Booth Memorable

  1. Come up with a theme for your booth. Not just about what you sell, but something like a colour theme to tie in your logo with other aspects of your display. Adding plants or flowers, or any other décor that will help attendees remember “the company with the yellow booth” or the company with flowers in their booth”.
  2. Capture attention with audio or video. Video can help explain and show attendees what your products and services are about.
  3. Special Lighting or Background Sounds. Spotlights or special lighting can help highlight or set the mood. One of the goals of your company should be how your product makes people feel. Mood lighting and background sounds can help achieve these goals.
  4. Scents and Aromas. Just light music, sounds, or lighting can help set a mood and be memorable, scents are a powerful reminder. If there is something that ties into your brand well, use those to your advantage.
  5. Make Your Booth Very Hospitable. Go beyond the candy dish and water bottle offerings. Instead, stand out by offering baked treats, coffee or tea, and other special accommodations like chair massages.
  6. Have a Memorable Event. Advertise a daily or hourly event. Something like a fashion show with loud music that gets everyone’s attention.
  7. Contests, Raffles, and Giveaways. Everyone loves to win something, so holding these types of contests gets attention and will also encourage potential customers to give you their contact information in exchange for the chance at winning a prize.
  8. Have a Company Mascot or Celebrity Spokesperson. Someone that stands out and represents your brand will help stick in the minds of potential customers. They will possibly take pictures and keep them, even share them with their social channels; a secondary way to help promote your brand.
  9. Run a Professional Booth. A professional trade show booth with experienced and knowledgeable staff is a great way to make sure that your company is remembered for all the right reasons.
  10. Promotional Items. Of course, this is our specialty at Brandme and we know first-hand how well promotional products and branded merchandise work to help customers remember your company and establish your brand.

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