Customer Reviews Help Businesses Show Their Real Side

Many companies say they do not want online reviews for fear of the negative. However, studies show that most reviews are positive. Encouraging online reviews will benefit your company because the more reviews you have, the more believable they are. The reviews should include a mix of positive and negative reviews since consumers would not believe reviews that are 100% positive.  Here are 5 tips to get more online reviews. Today’s consumers seek out reviews before buying from a company and trust online reviews 69% of customers  trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends. Studies show that 90% of shoppers  are influenced by online reviews.

Five Ways Negative Reviews Can Help Your Company:

  1. Your need to know: if your company is not performing according to your standards, you need to know.
  2. Build credibility: because so many people look for and read online reviews, hearing what other customers have to say about your company let potential customers know your company is legitimate.
  3. Fix the problem: address specific issues and retrain or hire new employees.
  4. Show you care: respond to customers to fix issues while showing potential customers that you are able to take care of them if they encounter a problem.
  5.  Learn from competitors’ mistakes: reading competitors’ reviews can let you know how to get ahead of them.

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