Celebrate World Social Media Day on 30, June 2013!

At the end of this month, Mashable  is organising the 4th annual World Social Media Day. The day was originally designed so that people in every city across the world could have social media meetings, tweet ups, and educational events to teach others about social media. Learning about new technology and sharing ideas with others are some of the fundamentals of social channels that are enhanced when people get together to talk about it. Each year, there are new social media sites to learn about and the existing channels are ever-changing, new best practices emerge, and overall it is a fun time to meet up in person with others who share the same interests that you normally only converse with online.

Social Media Day in Australia

There are 1927 Mashable social communities world-wide and so far, there are 314 social media communities having an event for World Social Media Day. At the time of writing this post, there are 11 Australian Social Media Day meet ups across Australia and New Zealand. Now is your chance to organise one now or join in one that is already scheduled. Depending on what is organised, different things might be happening in the different cities.

What Does Social Media Day Mean for Your Business?

Joining in on a social media day is a great way to get some extra social exposure for your business, make new social media connections, get the word out about your company, and learn new techniques, tactics, and social media marketing best practices.

BrandMe - Social Media Day

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