Building A Successful Website Infograph

Today we are featuring an Infograph from American Express Merchant Services Written by CNET Review’s Senior Editor of Digital Editing, Lori Grunin. She outlines some of the major points of how to create engaging websites based on the type of business you have and shows some of the common mistakes to avoid ensuring success with the goals of your website.

Top 4 Design Elements that Retail Websites should have:

1.       Site search within your website is integral to make sure that once visitors find your site that they can find what they are looking for on it.

2.       Navigation design that makes it easy for site visitors to see where they are going and labelled so that they know where they will go when they click links.

3.       Minimize the amount of clicks that site visitors have to take to see your products.

4.       Flash and fancy designs are not necessary and take away from the goals that you want your website to accomplish.


Top 4 Design Elements that Restaurant Websites should have:

1.       A mobile friendly design so that potential customers on the go can find you when they want to eat.

2.       Easy to find and read menu pages. Describe your dishes in detail and highlight specials and specialty options. Real pictures of your food.

3.       Social sharing features for reviews and links to social channels.

4.       Detail delivery options, listing as much as possible.


Top 4 Design Elements that B2B Websites should have:

1.       Since B2B business requires personal contact, make sure that your contact information is prominently placed on your home page and can be easily accessed from all pages on your site.

2.       Be specific about your product or services with a simple description on the homepage.

3.       Site search is important to make sure that visitors can find the tools and information they are looking for quickly and easily.

4.       Put your call to action bold and prominent on the front page.

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