Trade Show Tips:

Attending trade shows is a great way to find vendors and learn industry trends. Take the hassle out of trade shows with our easy tips of what you can do to make your trade show as successful as possible.

Make a schedule: call ahead for appointments and schedule as many as possible.


Review the agenda and map of all the vendors.Plot out where you will go, leave extra time for meals, bathroom breaks, and any other unexpected appointments that might take up some extra time. Prioritise who you want to or need to see, to make sure that gets cross off the list first.


Pack extra. Bring extra clothes and extra shoes just in case, you do not want to be left in a foreign place with either not the right outfit, and you don’t want to have to worry about laundry while on your trade show trip. Have at least one extra pair of comfortable shoes, trade shows are often require more walking than an average day. Also pack an extra duffle bag or something to carry home catalogues and materials that you might pick up while there.


Be prepared with pens, note pads, and plenty of business cards. Look your professional best with Brandme conference bags lanyards and folders with your company name and logo on them.


Wear comfortable shoes. It is generally acceptable to wear sneakers or other comfortable walking shoes that may not match your business attire. Always refer to the literature about the particular event or ask previous attendees to be sure.


Don’t forget to smile. A smile and a friendly handshake go a long way towards making any business venture a successful one!


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