Zombie Promotional Pens, Anyone?

Using Fads to Increase the Value of Your Promotional Materials

Fads come and go, but there are still some fads that are strong enough and last long enough that there is time to act on them and incorporate them into your promotions. A good, fun example is the zombie phenomenon.  Zombies are taking over the world – at least in pop culture. When you are thinking of promotional items for your business thinking of popular fads is a great way to get the attention of customers.

A safety company could brand their name on our promotional mugs – with steps to stay safe during a zombie apocalypse.


Zombies may not go with your brand, but they might appeal to customers or potential consumers and help them remember your company. Of course, the fad doesn’t have to be Zombies, it can be any number of hot topics that can be incorporated into a promotional item.

Some other ideas we have for you are to incorporate other popular culture themes like reality shows such as the talent, singing or dancing shows. Combining a pop star theme with your company name will go a long way to making your company memorable and also make your clients feel very special – or even a super star! Instead of an employee of the month, how about offering a special branded rock star of the month?



The top chef in your restaurant can be your company’s Iron Chef of the month!

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