Create a Breeze with a Mini Fan

Keep It Real

Everyone loves to receive gifts and goodies, and most people view promotional products as a gift; they have no realization of all the good marketing that those products produce.  Promotional products are the easiest, simplest item to give out in order to promote your company, they are ambassadors of smiles!

Keep It Simple

As you start to figure out the posse of products you want to keep for giveaways you need to have a range from low dollar to high dollar gifts.  This way you always have the right item to grab at a moment’s notice if a situation arises where you need a product.  Another thought to contemplate is to make the merchandise really applicable to your customers and target market.  People want products they can use; otherwise they just disappear into a drawer, or worse, into the trash.

Keep It Cute

Sometimes a marketing scheme can be pushed forward easier if what you give out is useful and cute!  One of the products which meet both of those criteria is the Classic Mini Fan.  This is a super cute and very usable item which people will be overjoyed to receive.

  • Small and portable, perfect for travels
  • Several cute colors to choose from
  • Room for company name and logo
  • Great for tradeshows

Keep It Going

Due to the small size and light weight these Mini Fans are an easy item to pick up and go wherever your client may travel.  This aspect of them also makes them a for sure pick for your company to give out at the tradeshows and conferences.  You will see a lot of smiles when you give these out to your clients at their offices, they will be happy to use them at their desks which makes them visible all day!

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