It’s Time for All New Lanyards

Life in the Fast Lane

For all of you out there doing your job to promote your company it’s time to look at something new and different.  Promotional products are definitely the way to go for any company looking to expand their brand recognition and grow their company.  Using promotional items that are useful and fun are definitely the way to go.

Move Forward

There are tons of companies now who require identification to be displayed by all their employees.  It used to be just hospitals and high security areas that wore identification but with all the increased security put in place it seems almost all employers want their employees identified as such.  It seems a reasonable request and has generated a brand new popular type of promotional product.

ID Please

This product would be the promotional lanyard, a useful tool for anyone who has to show identification on a regular basis.  This is also an excellent giveaway for tradeshows and conferences due to its light weight and easy pack ability for simple boxing and moving. Not only that but the people attending can actually put your lanyard on and wear it for the rest of the conference.

Many Varieties

BrandMe - Discount 15mm Full Colour LanyardYour company can turn these lanyards into a fantastic promotional product by doing the customizing that will make them stand out in the crowd.

  • Different fabrics or plastics available for style choices
  • Conservative colors or blow it out with stripes and patterns
  • Assorted types of clips useful for name badges and/or keys
  • Lengths are always variable

Go Ahead

Just take a look and make a good choice, then you will find these are some of your more useful and effective promotional items.  Your company name and brand will be right there around everyone’s necks, easy to see!

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