Does Google Lag in Converting Looks to Shares?

Google Plus - Ghost Town InfographicRecent research suggests Google + may be a laggard in converting lookie-loos into sharing customers, compared to other popular Websites. The results were compiled into a infographic by Australian firm allinforgraphics.

The research was conducted by

Here are the highlights:

  • Google+ claims 170 million users, versus Facebook’s 900 million plus users, LinkedIn’s 160 million users and Twitter’s 140 million users.  The research took the number of shares for 100 online stories from each source listed above.
  • Not surprisingly, Twitter–because of its ease of use and immediate-ness, led the pack with 197 shares; Facebook came in second with 41; LinkedIn took the bronze with 15.2; and Google+ finished out of the money with a mere 6 shares.
  • Compared to Google+, LinkedIn users were 2.5 times more active; Facebook users seven times more active; and Twitter users 33 times more active.
  • The graph also breaks down the news stories into business, health, and entertainment segments, but the results are roughly similar as those for all stories and generally validate the initial findings.

The entire infographic is available by clicking the preview to the right or the link here.

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