Australian Firm Wants to Put You in the News(room)

Video Newsfeed - BrandMeIt’s an new age problem. How do entrepreneurs get their message out in a world already crowded with thousands of channels, and millions of websites all clamoring for attention? Is it better to stake your little island and think of a way to draw customers to it, or is it better to climb aboard the crowded portal and hope somebody notices.

It’s still an issue, but at least one Adelaide marketing company has developed a concept that allows businesses to deliver their message for a fraction of what it once cost.

The idea is called a Video Newsfeed and it entails businesses delivering their message in a newsroom setting and having it broadcast to the world.

Video Newsfeed was developed by Craig Douglas, CEO of MAD Australia Production, to meet the demand of clients who need a cost-effective way of talking to customers and potential customers.

Naturally, making a video is a total black hole to many businesses, who need to take into account the cost of renting a studio, talent, and how to bring the whole experience into a decent looking, professional TV package without looking like something produced on public access.

“In our experience developing marketing and promotional strategies for businesses, we discovered people pay more attention to information delivered by a newsreader or, a reporter speaking to camera from an appropriate location, that appeared to be emanating from a news service,” said Douglas. “Businesses find newsfeeds particularly useful to brand themselves as experts in their industry, and welcome the opportunity to avoid ‘hard selling’ and instead give real information that has value to viewers.”

If nothing else, businesses should look into these kinds of operations to see what goes into a professional presentation, and with a little creativity and imagination, businesses could have a pitch comparable to something on the ABC.

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