When Should Your Company Start Celebrating Christmas?

This is an interesting question posed by Australian firm Digital Tiger earlier this week. In America, Christmas celebrations usually begin after their Thanksgiving holiday, which falls on the 3rd Thursday on November. They are even struggling there with people or brands starting their advertising too soon. For us here in Australia, Christmas celebrations or decorating typically begins when the schools are out for summer break sometime at the beginning of December. Businesses can start getting into the festive mood around that time if not a week or two earlier. It really depends on your company culture, but remember that festiveness helps morale and everyone tends to be happier when there is something to celebrate.

Of course, your public facing celebration is different than your marketing and advertising plan. As we talked about back in September, your holiday marketing plan should begin well in advance and you can also start watching for holiday advertising trends. Your company should develop a tradition for decorating the office or retail location and planning celebrations with the staff and co-workers. However, it is also important to plan during this time so that you will not lose momentum over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday breaks. Have a plan in place to keep business going and know where to pick up after the New Year.

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