The 3 Golden Rules for Keeping Your Computer Safe

Your computers are one of the most important business assets you have. With all of the data that you keep on your computer, if you lose it or it becomes compromised, it can be a detriment to your business and your livelihood. However, losing your data is completely avoidable when you follow the 3 golden rules and advice for keeping your computer safe.

  1. Do not use Internet Explorer. You have other browser options in Google Chrome and Firefox, each of which has plug-ins and tools to help enhance your browsing experience. Internet Explorer, on the other hand is riddled with vulnerabilities and viruses.
  2. Back Up Your Data Daily. If you back up your computer data daily, you will never have to worry about losing your data due to computer failure, mistakes, or viruses. There are cloud backup programs that do not cost very much at all. They allow you to configure automatic daily data backup. If you don’t want cloud backup, portable hard drives, USB drives, and other data backup devices are available and cost very little, especially in comparison to the cost of losing your data.
  3. Keep an Up-To-Date Anti-Virus Software. Anti-virus software helps eliminate problems before they start. Did you know that there are plenty of free anti-virus programs you can choose from? offers up 4 recommendations for free anti-virus programs. If those 4 options don’t appeal to you, try one of the anti-virus programs recommended by Be aware of some of the well-known brand names in anti-virus software, they often have browser add-ons, extras, and pop-ups that do not instill much of a secure feeling.

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