Social Media Trends to Watch for 2015

As the end of the year nears, we start focusing on reviewing the popular trends from the past year and looking ahead to 2015. Think about what themes you have seen in your marketing plan and what has worked, what fell short. What will you change for next year? Here are some trends to watch and consider for your social media marketing plan moving into 2015.

  1. “Mobile First”: The first and most important trend to think about for the immediate future is changing your web design to accommodate more mobile visitors. As mobile use is increasing, mobile search is actually overtaking the amount of searches performed on desk tops. For this reason, a mobile first strategy means reversing the strategy and creating your design for mobile viewing that can be expanded for when your visitors are on a larger size screen.
  2. Paid Social Campaigns: As organic social media continues to decline in its effectiveness, many companies are going to need to start thinking about a blended strategy that includes a budget for some paid social campaigns. The main idea here is to focus on what works for you and your company. What has worked in the past and how can adding some paid social campaigns enhance your current success with social?
  3. It’s all about the Content: The backbone of social media marketing is content. This trend will continue to rise. When you post something on your social channels, you should have a goal with each post. Linking to content that is engaging and leads your fans and followers to be converting customers. Content is the glue that can pull all of your social posts together.
  4. Enhance Your Video Marketing: You should plan to enhance your video marketing by incorporating it into more channels than only YouTube. Video can work on Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, and more.
  5. Find the Right Blend of Channels that Work for You: Not every company can benefit from using all social channels. The trick is to find the one that works best for you and that you can have the most success with.

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