Seth Godin on the Future of Marketing

Seth Godin recently was one of 6 marketing visionaries to participate in an ebook published by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Marketo. Here are 5 points from the interview with Godin about the future of marketing.

  1. Marketing is About Everything. Godin explains that up until the last 20 years, marketing and advertising was the same thing. In the last 20 years marketing changed from the strategy of old, which was to interrupt people from what they were doing and is now involves everything. Marketing is about everything. It’s a conversation with customers; you are telling them what they should expect when dealing with your business.
  2. Make Things That Matter. Godin explains that the marketers that are the most effective will know how to distribute their message in a way that makes things worth talking about. The successful marketing department of the future will be in charge of everything the company does.
  3. A Tag Line Isn’t Enough. Many companies sell the same thing. The difference is that marketing needs to change from advertising and pushing the products to pushing the products towards what the consumer wants. The marketing department has changed completely when other departments remain static.
  4. Treasure Moments with Customers. The marketing department has become important in other areas of the company as well. Customer service and marketing must work together, as well as many other divisions of a company that must integrate and work together.
  5. Influence Trumps Authority. Building authority is important for companies, but Godin explains, “Nobody’s in charge of everyone”. That is why he says influence is more important than authority. Building influence leads to credibility and a stronger sense of authority.


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