Australian Marketing Trends for 2014

With the 4th quarter upon us and the holidays looming ahead, we thought it was a good idea to take a look at the marketing trends for 2014 and what types of techniques and campaigns are working well to bring in the best ROI. Analyzing the trends will help you make the most of the important holiday season. This data on Asia-Pacific marketing trends comes from the CMO Council and Adobe. They benchmarked the level of digital marketing maturity and adoption across the Asia-Pacific countries.

APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard

Digital marketing continues to grow at startling rates all over the world, but it is especially in Asia. The importance is only going to continue to grow since 42 per cent of the world’s Internet population is in Asia, meaning that even more will businesses will begin to follow this trend. So much so, in fact, that eMarketer predicts that by 2017 Asia will have greatly surpassed North America in eCommerce purchases. CMO Council’s “State of Marketing 2014” research shows that 58% of marketers in Asia plan changes in their marketing plan that surmount to a digital marketing makeover. The trend for Asia-Pacific marketers is moving out of experimenting with digital marketing and gaining confidence in their ability not only execute digital marketing campaigns, but also measure digital marketing performance of those campaigns. 93% of those surveyed say that digital will bring a competitive advantage to their organizations.

Leadership Supports Digital Advances

Implement Digital

Australian marketers are stepping beyond just testing out new digital channels but they are beginning to fully embrace digital marketing.

  • 44% indicate they receive strong support from the leadership team fo digital marketing.
  • 38% of those surveyed said that there is a strong champion for digital marketing among their leadership team.
  • 36% are still evaluating new channels.

Asia-Pacific Companies Increasing Market Readiness

Market Readiness

Asia-Pacific companies are increasing in their market readiness. The white paper explores the answers to the question, “If marketers are measuring more than ever, why is leadership still not supremely convinced by the results?”

  • 36% of marketers say data is still being used as a means to report on KPIs.
  • 24% see value in using data as a means to learn more about customer behavior.
  • Australia leads in having an in-house team dedicated to data analytics.




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