How to Be Sure Your Social Media Campaigns Won’t Hurt Your Brand

Social media is something that businesses and brands utilize to increase their brand awareness and spread the word about their business, increase reach, and even help with search rankings. However, social media can be a tricky beast for some businesses because of the very nature of social: people have their own opinions and can say whatever they want. Things people say will not always be in your favor; and that is an important fact to realize before getting involved in social media in the first place. It is also not a valid reason for avoiding social media marketing for your business. Why? Customers and other people are going to be talking about your brand on social media networks whether you have a presence there or not. Therefore, it is more advantageous for you to be there to control and respond to messages rather than avoid them and let them fester.

When you are employing best practices and excellent customer service techniques, you will build more positivity than negativity anyhow. The happy customers and fans will help push away negativity. Here are 4 rules to follow that will help make sure that your social media marketing campaigns aren’t hurting your brand.

  1. It’s OK for People to Have Their Own Opinion

To quote from Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” You never know what you are going to get, and variety makes the world go round. So it is perfectly fine for some people to not like what you have to say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  1. Don’t Take it Personally

After coming to grips with #1, now it is very important and even harder to execute rule #2 here. Don’t take it personally. It is so hard when someone says something negative about your business to not take it personally. However, emotions greatly interfere with formulating logical and effective responses on social media. Sometimes, no response is even better than a response. In most cases though, you have to address an issue or a problem. Don’t do it when you are angry, and consult someone else to help you formulate an unemotional response.

  1. Nothing Wrong with Blocking a Troll

Trolls will be trolls. Unfortunately, they exist only to make our lives miserable. There is one solution, and one solution only. Do not engage, simply block trolls and move on.

  1. Focus on Your Goals

Since we have a saying for each rule, the saying for this rule is to “keep your eye on the prize”. Keep focused on your goal. Do your post and/ or responses remain in line with your goals? Toss out what doesn’t and you will be good to go.

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