5 Reasons to Start Using Vine to Help Promote Your Brand

Vine is a social video channel that you probably haven’t been thinking about using to promote your business or your brand. The short answer is you should be. For a more detailed explanation, we will cover 5 reasons why you should be using Vine’s 7 second video platform to quickly and cleverly promote your business or your brand.

  1. Vine videos are social, not just about broadcasting a message. When you craft a clever 7 second video and post it on Vine, you can expect it to get comments and shares. Other social channels will help promote your Vine video. Since Facebook automatically starts playing videos as people are scrolling through, chances are your Vine video will play through before your Facebook followers even know what happened. Eye catching videos are automatic attention grabbers.
  2. Vine videos are great for instructions. If you use education or how to videos as part of your brand, putting together a quick Vine tutorial of how to do something is one of the most popular uses of the video network. Sephora uses Vine to show beauty tips.
  3. Vine videos can entertain your audience. When Vine videos are entertaining, they will get attention and the shares will help promote your brand.
  4. Promotional Vine videos are quick enough to be catchy. Who has 30 seconds for a whole commercial? In the fast-paced world we live in, if you can get your promotional message across in 7 seconds, you should definitely do that! For a great example, check out this Taco Bell Vine video commercial.
  5. Vine videos are measurable. Vine provides you with statistics on how many times your video has been liked, how many times it looped, comments, and revines.

Vine may not be for every brand, but it only takes 7 seconds to find out if you can make it work for you. You don’t have to have fancy editing or a professional photographer on hand. For an example of a simple Vine, see this example for The Boston Red Sox baseball team. Most Vine users are millennials (age 13 – 25), however you can still share your Vines on your other social networks and expand that demographic.

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