5 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Businesses

If your product or service is visual, your brand should be on Pinterest. It is an excellent way to beef up interest and spread the reach of your well designed products and/or visually stunning services. Pinterest has been changing their features for businesses, and now converts qualified businesses over to business accounts and provides analytics to measure the results of engagement on the image-focused social network. It is also important to note that a growing trend on Pinterest for businesses is to pin infographics and articles to help promote information in a visual way.

Here are 5 marketing tips that businesses or brands should be using on Pinterest:

  1. Include a price tag. Pinterest users are very visual in nature and also like to recreate crafts and projects on the channel. At the same time, they are also looking to use Pinterest to shop for things they want to buy. Adding price and relevant details will help drive sales and increase conversions from Pinterest.
  2. Share popular pins with your customers. Pinterest often highlights what is trending. You will often see that your popular pins on Pinterest are different from other channels or even from top selling items. This is a great opportunity to share popular pins with your customers that maybe aren’t on Pinterest (yet). Feature pins in your email newsletter, and share popular pins or boards on other social channels.
  3. Enhance your pins with trending and relevant hashtags. Pinterest is one of the social networks that enable searchable hashtags. When you post your images, use relevant hashtags in the description so that other users will find your boards and pins that way. Of course, you shouldn’t just pin trending hashtags if they aren’t relevant to your brand or your images; but if you can connect the dots, then definitely take advantage of that opportunity.
  4. Promote Pinterest pins on other social channels. Pinterest is very different from other social channels. That is why you should promote your Pinterest page, boards, and pins on all your other channels regularly. Writing a monthly blog post on that month’s popular pins is an excellent way to get the word out and cross-pollinate your products and services across different networks to reach different and new customers.
  5. Use Pinterest tools to your benefit. There are many tools and applications that work in conjunction with Pinterest that can help you promote your business. PinGroupie can help you find group boards that you might be able to connect with and post to, further expanding your reach. Pinalerts is an application that allows you to set alerts so that you are notified when something is pinned from a specific domain. It enables you to see what is being pinned from your competitions’ websites and then target those pinners. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a website that allows you to create recipes. There are several recipes regarding Pinterest that automate the sharing of your pins on other channels. Other tools you can use include the widgets and Facebook connection feature to automatically connect the two channels. For example: Pinterest to Tumblr, Pinterest to Facebook, Pinterest to DropBox, or Pinterest to Twitter.

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