4 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Events & Trade Shows

Trade shows and other types of events can definitely benefit from social media. In this infographic we are featuring today, it outlines 4 ways that you can boost events using social media. Social media is so prominent in everyday life now that ignoring it as a way to promote your event can be more than just missing out, it can be a detriment. You need to be where the competition is; but more importantly, you need to be where your customers or attendees are. Engaging with them through social channels during an event can be the way to make it or break it.

BrandMe - 4 Ways to Boost Events with Social Media

The Role of Social Media

Role of Social Media

As you will see in the 4 ways to use social media to boost events, the engagement through social channels is the key. When you combine the right strategy with the tools you can harness social media to:

  • attract more attendees
  • cultivate engagement
  • extend the lifetime value of your event

Whether it is organising a conference, seminar, fundraiser, concert, or a club or group event, social media can play an important role before, during, and afterwards.

  • Facebook is by far the most popular social network among event organisers.
  • 84% of event organisers use Facebook to promote their events.
  • 61% use Twitter to promote their events
  • 42% use YouTube to promote their events
  • 78% of event organisers plan to increase their use of social media in the future

Using Social Media When Organising an Event

Ways to Boost Events with Social

The set up before an event must be organised and efficient. Utilising social media helps achieve those goals.

Collaborate: Social networks can save time and effort by reducing email volume by 30%

Collect RSVPs: Organisation platforms make RSVPing to events easy and enable social sharing and reminders at the same time.

Involve Attendees: Create online buzz by asking people to participate in whatever way possible. Many trade shows now have educational seminars each morning. Those can be led by attendees who are experts in their respective fields.

Find Suppliers: Research information about venues and other vendors that you regularly use. Choosing photographers, caterers, and other vendors that are socially connected with ensure that they help promote the event through their own social channels – before, during, and after.


Promoting an Event with Social Media

Promoting an Event with Social MediaPromoting an Event with Social Media

Promoting an event with social media can use many of the same principles you would use when selling to your customers. Create an event listing on social channels. This increases the reach of the event by spidering through the networks of attendees who RSVP on social channels or check in to the venue or event. Integrate social media with registration. Encourage attendees to share the event once registered and checked in. Create and promote a hashtag for your event. This allows attendees to connect with each other and promote the event at the same time. Video marketing and promotion is increasing. Be at the forefront of the trend and use video to promote the event and get video testimonials during the event.


Enahance the Live Experience with Social Media

Enhance the Live Experience with Social Media

Enhance the live experience through social media by making the event more like a media sensation. Run contests and offer prizes for engagement through social media. Live stream the event. Use hashtags. Tweets containing a hashtag receive twice as much engagement. Encourage check-ins on all social platforms. Create custom check-ins at venues for your event. Provide customer support through social media. Monitor and respond to questions, messaging, and interactions throughout the event.


Extend the Lifetime Value of an Event with Social Media

Extend the Value of a Lifetime

One of the biggest mistakes is to stop the social buzz after the event is over. Continue to engage and promote the trade show or event after it is over. Post video highlights of what happened, share presentations from the presenters, share pictures on all social networks, get feedback and ask for reviews of the event. Start counting down til your next event.


Infographic and Images Photo Credit: Eventility.com

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