Facebook’s New Advanced Audiences Ad Targeting

Facebook recently added some great features for marketers to help take advantage of retargeting and advertising to special customer groups on Facebook. Facebook calls it Custom Audiences. The new features are in the Ads Manager and Power Editor. Once you add Facebook’s pixel of coding to your website code, you can segment your customers that have visited your website in the past into different groups.

BrandMe - Facebook Custom Audiences

Photo Credit: Facebook

Custom Audience Segments

Some of the custom audience segments that you can target with different Facebook ads include:

  • People who visited specific pages on your website.
  • People who visited specific pages on your website but not others (perhaps the checkout pages or related products pages to something they already bought).
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.

The possibilities of custom segments become virtually endless with the large amount of options for audience segments and different ads served. Facebook always provides extensive and up to date analytics for advertisers. They are excellent at communicating your progress, billing information, and details of reach, clicks, and visitors. You can also edit ads in progress to fine tune the details and improve your results.


Benefits of Highly Customised Targeting

Facebook already ran test campaigns with some advertisers to see what the results were. One retailer experienced a3X reduction of their cost per acquisition by using Custom Audiences. The targeting capabilities allow you to test out many different nuances between the audiences and the types of ads served in order to be able to find the best variation that brings in the most return on your investment. If you have never tried Facebook advertising before, it is worth a test campaign. They are very easy to set up and it does not take up much time. Facebook walks you through the process step by step. You can set the budget as small as you like and can add more if you choose. You can also pause the campaign at any time and restart it.

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